EXE files to run as Admin. This started happening yesterday when I went on the NA servers to check out Auroria, after patching my game I went back to the European servers and I had to “re-patch” the game to the EU version, aka re-install the whole game. Jun 16, 2: Hackshield is so badly written that it will exit the game silently if it detects any attempt to monitor the computer’s hardware or add a hook to the game. It’s bs, but just a heads up. How do u get 3hrs?

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That’s why you can’t remove the Hackshield from the client. Running it all vindictjs admin doesn’t work. I managed to sign in after a number vindictus cannot start hackshield attempts, but this seems to be an on-going hopefully not worsening issue.

Im just gonna put this problem to rest. FML having this issue 1 day before Auroria is released. So very tired of this, all I want is to play without the game closing itself every minutes. Please avoid shortening links so people actually see what you say, and to save us the trouble cannto removing your post from the spam filter. Good game – when I was able to get in.

If the server does not get a AhnPacket it simply will close your Connection. Vindictus cannot start hackshield geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. You have 48 hours to fix your HackShield nonsense before I’m vindictus cannot start hackshield for good.

My game in on the G: I’ve done it to both installs already. We want to begin by apologizing for the long delay prior to replying to your request for support.

No streams are currently live. Even a “We’ve seen the comments, we don’t yet know how to sort it, but we ARE working on it”, would be marginally less frustrating than simple silence. But I fixed them and it still redirects me to that annoying faq. Reset at the very bottom vindictus cannot start hackshield. Bumping coz I am pig-headed and this needs to get vindictus cannot start hackshield please.

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Hi all, I hope I can help you out cause after the 8Gb patch I had following issues: I understand that it is beta and I am patient in terms of things not being quite there. The following support articles might help you resolve your issue.

Vindictus cannot start hackshield I uninstall the game again it will be the last vinsictus.

I launched Vindictus but nothing seems to be happening?

It’s not worth the headache trying to play a game that vindictus cannot start hackshield have to pour salt in a circle around your computer just to get it to run. I have been playing in the alhpa for weeks with no problems until the other day when it just stoped working for me cannnot hanging up on the splash screen.

If utter silence is what i can expect from you i’ll keep my money. Terms of Use Violations: Bump Still not working, although my registry is nice and clean now, at least.

I launched Vindictus but nothing seems to be happening? – Vindictus

I tried that but all my system files are OK. This reeks like security by obscurity to me.

I do not understand why XL Games and Trion Wolrds tolerate this low quality of service delivered by Hackshield at all. Just to summarise then all the things that I have read and tried: Hackshield is so badly written that it vindictus cannot start hackshield exit the game silently if it detects any attempt to monitor the vindictus cannot start hackshield hardware or add a hook to the game.

If you can’t play, ask for your money back. How hard exactly are you working to fix this if it’s been a problem for several months and it’s taken you 15 pages to even reply?