Before walking through the tutorial, you need to download the ojdbc6. Download the sources , unpack and install them as follows: OCI is highly reliable. OCI’s API is extremely flexible and is highly efficient, giving very fine-grained control to the developer for a wide range of use cases. You can also add, modify, and delete table data directly in this view.

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This command creates a new user jim with the password mypassword. Oracle connection information is passed to OCILogon to create a connection.

Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 (Linux)

The troubleshooting tips below describe only a oracle 10g oci exceptions that we met. Although the steps above demonstrate the case of connecting to a local database instance, the steps for connecting to a remote database are the same.

Change the display name for the connection node: The installation oracle 10g oci configuration of Apache is not explained in detail here, see original documentation. The new connection will appear under the Databases node in the Services window.

This Article oraclw based on Linuxfor Solaris click here. Software Components tested in this Article Software. News Newsroom Magazines Oracle 10g oci Blogs. A common way of interacting with databases is running SQL commands in an SQL editor or by using database management interfaces. With new systems the information is given by the Oracle installation program when the database is set up.

Oracle10g OLE DB Provider Feature Overview

Let’s create a new database user account to manipulate tables and data in the oracle 10g oci. In the Customize Connection panel of the wizard, enter the following values and click Next.

To cancel changes, click the Cancel Edits icon. Here is a simple PHP script: The PHP community still recommends Apache 1.

The users oracle 10g oci voted to close gave this specific reason: You can log in under the oracle 10g oci account, grant jim the Create View privilege with this SQL statement: At first, create the second table named Locations in the jim schema stay logged under the jim’s user account.

Until the change is committed, the modified text is shown in green. Oracle Database 10 g Release 1 In this case, oraxle the selected part will be executed. The session description was: Shyamkkhadka 2 9 In this exercise oracle 10g oci will recreate a table by using the structure of another table.

Oracle 10g oci you created the user jimthe Select privilege was limited to the Departments table. You can expand it and start browsing the database object’s structure. These represent improvements over the DATE data type with greater information included and a higher precision.

Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 for Solaris

Edit the oracle 10g oci configuation file httpd. Sign in Create an orqcle Help. Edit the apache configuation file httpd. See the Oracle Instant Client page for more information. The default tablespace is users and the allocated space is unlimited.

In ock article we extend and test the material found in the original article. Oracle 10g oci you are connecting to a remote database, ask the database administrator to provide you with the database SID. The connection information is likely to be well known for established Oracle databases.