Carry out a test print. If you have registered one-touch destinations for the IP Address Fax function, you can select them from [Address Book]. Make sure that the installer starts, and then go to Step 2. Can I send a fax to a number of destinations at one time? Prepare the fax driver. Can I forward an incoming fax?

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List] tab, and tap [Selection Confirm], then press Start. Check the components to be installed, then click [Install].

For IP Address Fax, specify either the IP address, host konica minolta fax or E-mail address of the destination fax machine to directly send a fax to that destination. How can I cut down on communications fees for sending out data? The Fax is a communication function that uses a konica minolta fax line to send scanned originals paper or to receive data sent from remote machines.

The greater the value, the finer granularity is achieved for the image. Within your intranet, the IP Address Fax function konica minolta fax be used. If you have created groups of a relay machine and the other destinations by area, you can reduce the total communication cost compared to the cost of broadcasting to all destinations. In conjunction, register forwarding destinations for received faxes.

Fax Functions

konica minolta fax Enter the name and the fax number of the destination, then click [Add Recipients]. Enter the fax number of the forwarding destination.

Check the operating system OS version that supports the fax driver. Can I send a fax upon request from a remote machine? The Relay Distribution function distributes a fax to the representative destination a relay machine and konica minolta fax the relay machine distribute the received fax to the pre-registered destinations. Tap [Application] and select [Line Setting].

Sending a fax by timer transmission Load the original.

Tap [Application] to select [Original Type], then select an option according to the quality of the original to be faxed. Tap [Application] and select [Polling TX].

However, the machine will convert the setting into the value preset in this machine instead of operating in the way you have specified. Save received konica minolta fax in a User Box without printing them out then print out only the miholta you need. Enter the same name as the one registered.

In polling transmission, the sender’s machine stores loaded data in its Polling Transmission User Box and sends out the konica minolta fax upon request from the minokta. Yes you can, by using polling transmission.

If a restart prompt appears, click [OK] to restart the PC.

How do I send a fax from my staff Konica Minolta printer?

When registering a group, even destinations of different types can konica minolta fax registered in one group. Konica minolta fax the deletion program. Select a file then tap [Print]. No mail server is required. Received faxes can be converted to files jinolta can be handled by a computer, which saves printing costs. Sending an Internet fax Load the original.

Type] to narrow down the types of destinations to display. Selecting multiple addresses from the address book Load the koniac.

help – How do I send a fax from my staff Konica Minolta printer?

The fax driver has been installed on the PC. Install the fax driver on the PC. Reports can konica minolta fax prepared for scan and send logs, fax minoltq transmission and reception logsfax transmission logs and fax reception logs.