The company plans to outsource the project, we were told, but hadn’t yet found a Mac programmer. And it even provides access to some minor image editing capabilities. Not a problem with the PS. Not to mention the difficulty of aligning the paper to the feed slot without touching the sensitive surface. This software can be downloaded here for you to try before purchase if required. We found the buttons a little stiff, but at this price, we aren’t complaining. Its air-conditioner grill may even be a calming influence.

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We found the “space age” design of the PS to hiti 630pl attractive as well as functional. February The trouble with getting into digital photography has always been getting prints.

Digital Imaging Printer Review: HiTi PS Photo Printer

Temperature controls how much dye transfers at any point on the paper. The 4-way control lets you navigate the menu screens and move through the image thumbnails. We hiti 630pl the buttons a little stiff, but at this price, we aren’t complaining.

We passed the 4×6 prints around to anyone who would take them 6330pl got them shuffled into random order just like real drugstore prints.

HiTi Photo Printer 630PS

Its air-conditioner grill may even be a calming influence. Even inkjet printers are more expensive, here’s a breakdown of their per hiiti costs: Even with a USB cable attached, if your computer is off, the printer realizes you want to run it from the controller in standalone mode.

The print time is about a minute and a half when connected to a PC and hiti 630pl to three minutes when running in standalone mode. ID Photo is a pair of special ID hiti 630pl formats that use matching die-cut photo paper. Hiti 630pl Setup menu on the controller does provide a limited calibration routine, mainly to align the paper to the print head.

If you like what you see, Print All. Functions available include Move, Rotate not really necessaryResize and Copies.

The idea is to mimic film hiti 630pl providing an inexpensive but write-once medium. If you are planning to do lots of monochrome images you may wish hiti 630pl choose the Photoshuttle which fully supports the monochrome KO kit. You must have a PC in order to use this printer.

Instead, you’re stuck with hiti 630pl these files. That big slot near the top is where the paper slides in and out during printing. JPEG file size must be smaller than 3M, expanding to no more than 6, pixels and can not exceed 2, pixels on either side.

hiti 630pl With the HiTi PS and a digicam, you hiti 630pl take digital pictures and get 4×6 digital prints without using a computer. A power cable and USB cable round out the package. As with all HiTi Photo Hiti 630pl the quality is superb, with the ability to print And the USB port is nearby, so all cables are hidden in the back.

Prints from the PS are continuous tone, hito screened, hifi dye diffusion thermal transfer photo dye sub at x dpi.

Don’t be surprised when your friends mistake this printer for a futuristic video phone.

Quality is every bit as good as the more expensive printers, even the top of the range PS prints at the same dpi resolution equiv, to dpi inkjet printer. Dye sub printing uses a heating hiti 630pl to heat dye impregnated in a ribbon to over degrees, at which point it turns into a gas and migrates into the surface of the specially coated photo paper.

6300pl is missing from the PL is the ability to use the hiti 630pl in stand alone mode. If necessary you can use the Enhance option to adjust the brightness, contrast or hiti 630pl before printing.

Otherwise, this is as clean and simple — and beautiful — as photo printing gets.

The final prints were indistinguishable from higher resolution images. The LCD on the controller displays a color menu of icons. Print Speed while still very respectable is not the fastest in the hti hiti 630pl a 6×4 print taking seconds 2 mins 10 seconds hiti 630pl print.

If you want to zoom-in and crop, you select resize to magnify the portion desired and then move it to center the new image. Finished prints stacked up neatly on top of the cassette.

Note that this scan was down-sampled to keep the download time reasonable but it still hhiti the hiti 630pl quality of the PS.