I know this is an April Fools day thing but I actually really like the way the club looks! Excellent comment, all Black with a white stripe, perfect. By , we believe, the majority of our Professional Staff will be using some form of Versa Technology in their drivers. They’re set in their ways, and often resistant to new technology – even technology as revolutionary as what we’ve built into the Versa Driver. Perfect size, great feel. I would have ordered it today.

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I know…i know…its a shining moment in my life. May 31, 53 Comments. For more information on the callaway versa Versa Driver, please don’t visit www.

Callaway Versa Driver

Everyone is going to play Versa. You would have completely hooked me, though, if you said it had cc volume. And it callaway versa out, they’re right. And then they’ll have Versa”.

Callaway Odyssey Versa Putter Review – Golfalot

Bywe believe, the majority of our Professional Fersa will be using some form of Versa Technology in their drivers. The Versa is also the first Odyssey putter to feature the eyeFit custim fitting system. Must have been hard to hold it in.

Joe Callaway versa 5 years ago. This is more fairy mischief. Perfect size, veraa feel. Apples 5 years ago. While that level of market dominance is unheard of in callaway versa, Callaway expects the Versa driver will be even more successful.

I know Callaway is reinventing their business model. Mark 5 years ago.

It’s the same emphasis on control that led the Callaway design team to the conclusion that all callaway versa would benefit from playing a stiffer shaft in their Versa driver. In addition to his editorial callaway versa, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game.

This complements the type of stroke you have depending on where callaway versa eyes sit over the ball using a custom putter mirror that most Callaway and Odyssey retailers will have.

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Versa’s high-contrast crown makes it incredibly easy for golfers to discern the relative position of the club face even on the brightest of days”. We didn’t do the math or anything, but we’re fairly certain it’s significant. Steve P 5 callaway versa ago. callaway versa

versx We were concerned that a driver head might be moving too fast at impact for Versa’s high contract alignment system to have any real benefit – and you know what I take it all back. Rob 5 years ago. Turns callaway versa it was even better on the course.

David 5 years ago. Just like- I never saw that Frisbee…. Bobtrumpet 5 years ago. The results callaway versa be similar to the election.

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As you can see from the images, there are 2 options for the alignment lines on each model that give you 4 parallel lines of the colour bands to help you line up the putter. FFHT uses a proprietary blend of ultra high-grade epoxy to bond shaft to head ensuring that Versa driver’s head never moves.

May 17, 89 Comments. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. From an callawaj standpoint, callaway versa the impact is world-changing, callaway versa concept itself callaway versa relatively simple. I know this is an April Fools day thing but I actually really like the way the club looks!